Totally Slow LP

by Totally Slow

Wasted Days 01:47
wasted days, i couldn't be less subtle. i was never much for standing still, stomping in the puddles. if i could find a cloud beneath me now - take a break and float on air, just for a few. if i could take a few, i'd take a chance on you. crazy may that spring i thought i'd lost it all. i could never shake it off, or beat it with a cudgel. if i could find a cloud beneath me now - take a break and float on air or just fall right through. if i could take a few, i'd take a chance on you.
Acid Rain 02:04
My love for you is like acid rain I'm such a pain, it gets us to fighting I buy you flowers and then I complain This can't be the way to hold it together Your love for me is like ancient Spain A sea faring wave It just snuck up on me How can we do this if you won't complain? Tell me I'm too damn strange For you darling Let's aim a light at the sore now And do whatever that needs To hell with the score We both know what that feeds And if it all falls down And we're infected tomorrow We'll start healing now My love for you is like acid rain I burn your Brain We stay medicated That's what it takes when I make you insane This can't be the way To hold it together
Worst Case 02:35
you have no idea. we don't give a shit and we will relegate the worst case shallow killer of the switch. my god is compulsiveness and fraud. laugh out loud, we're pissing on your freshly sodded lawn. we know. and you know. this won't end till someone gets their forehead dented in. and i know. and she knows this won't end till someone's dead and bleeding in the snow.
Highest Hill 02:28
This Town 02:26
Phone 02:20
Brainfire 02:28
Arena 02:00
No Flowers 01:47


If you want to buy this lovely limited red vinyl (or the digital version) please click on the header/banner to get to our label's web store! Self Aware Records are supportive of good music and deserve it. Thank you! <3


released November 1, 2013

Recorded in 2013 with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business - originally as a demo then picked up by Self Aware and Headfirst Records as a debut LP limited to 500 copies in red vinyl.


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Totally Slow Greensboro, North Carolina

NC punk band on Refresh Records. New LP 2021!

Scott HIcks, Kate Weigand, Chuck Johnson, Andy Foster.

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